21 Day Fix

I've been doing the 21 Day Fix program and Shakeology since mid-June with a few breaks, and it has become my new lifestyle.  When I follow the plan and eat clean and exercise, I feel fantastic.  I look great.  I have high energy.  I'm like the best version of me.  And I love it.

So what is the 21 Day Fix?  It's a simple program that anyone can follow and can fit easily into your busy schedule - the workouts are just 30 minutes a day, are adaptable to all levels, and can use as little equipment as a resistance band (light/medium weights are recommended).  The food choices are plentiful, and encourages healthy balance and portion control.  The nutrition is even more important than the exercise, and this program is the whole package.  Never once has anything worked this quickly or easily for me, and I cannot recommend it enough!

Here are some posts I've written that I hope help give you ideas and inspiration to achieve the best you!  If you're interested in trying the 21 Day Fix program, I'd love to help get you started and keep you motivated - just contact me at jennifl@beachbodycoach.com or check out my coach website, where you can browse and see what Beachbody has to offer.

I also run challenge groups regularly to help provide guidance and connect you with others that are trying the program too.  The motivation, guidance and support can really make a difference in your success!  My next group starts January 4th.  There's still plenty of time to join up, I welcome all and do not require any purchase or affiliation with me as a coach to participate.  Please reach out to me on my Facebook page or at jennifl@beachbodycoach.com if you're interested in joining up!

21 Day Fix Info & Tips

21 Day Fix Friendly Recipes

Also, be sure to check out my Pinterest boards for the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology and my YouTube channel for even more great ideas!

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