Sunday, August 9, 2015

Join Me & Thousands Doing the Labor Day Fix!

Are you ready for a jump start to a healthy, fit lifestyle to round out your summer? Well, so are thousands of others! I'd love to see you join me for Labor Day Fix, which is going to be a truly epic round of the 21 Day Fix with guidance and motivation from Autumn Calabrese herself! It officially starts August 17th, prep starts this week.

I've been participating in the Facebook group and it's full of people on the same journey I am, giving encouragement, asking questions, sharing experiences. Autumn's going to be handing out lots of prizes, and if anyone is interested in joining me I'll do a separate private group with my own help and prizes! Just comment below or get in touch at

Why do I find this program so great? It's the whole package! It tackles portion control, salt & sugar, proper balance of food groups, all in a simple container system. No calorie counting! Then it adds workouts that not only easily fit into your day at a mere 30 minutes, they are highly effective and easily adaptable to a wide variety of fitness levels.

I have seen all sizes and ages doing this program and they all love it. One thing that really stands out is people's comments that they have tried other programs and they were just too hard/caused injury, but not this one. It's 7 workouts, balanced between weights, cardio and stretch. And minimal equipment - all you really need is a resistance band and mat, although I use dumbbells instead of the band. They are set up as rounds of short bursts with short rests, and it goes quickly. The yoga workout is also among the best I've found on DVD, perfect mix of flow and static poses.

I've personally had many positive changes with the 21 Day Fix Challenge - check out my round 2 results! And that doesn't even scratch the surface on the improvements I've experienced. I really would love to be your coach and help you change your game.

You still have time to start with us on the 17th! Order your 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack today - amazing deal, you get the program for just $10 when you try Shakeology, which is a great way to round out your nutrition and help with carb and sweet cravings. Even if it's not here on time, you get immediate free access to Beachbody on Demand for 30 days, where the whole program will be available - eating plan PDFs and all the workouts to stream. And I will be here for you to help plan and answer any questions. No excuses!! Who's with me?



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