Sunday, July 5, 2015

21 Day Fix - Results

So, today is our last day of the 21 Day Fix Challenge.  I kept up pretty well, with the exception of yesterday when I cut loose a little bit for the 4th of July holiday.  But blogging?  Nope.  I barely remembered to take pictures of my food.  Work was rough, I barely took any breaks and I worked longer hours than usual, so blogging was pretty far from my mind.

This past week was probably the hardest, too.  I caved a couple of times and ate a piece of dark chocolate after dinner, despite not having any extra carbs left in my day to swap out for a treat.  I skipped my Saturday workout again yesterday, and on top of that enjoyed myself on the holiday and had a few drinks.  Holidays are hard.  But I'm trying to bright side it by reminding myself that I drank more water than alcohol and ate healthy for the most part, two things I definitely could not say about myself last year.  So there is that.

Results?  I lost about 5 pounds and 6 inches.  Did I see a miracle in the mirror?  Nope. However, my energy levels are up, I'm not modifying the workouts nearly as much, and I am getting that self-confidence high that you get when you're eating right and exercising.  I'm calling that a win.  And happy enough with how the plan is working to keep it going!  I'll try to blog more this time...

What I'm taking away from these first three weeks:

  • Meal planning is key to making it work, especially if you are on the smallest eating plan
  • It's easier to avoid carbs than I thought. 
  • I love Shakeology - literally went to bed looking forward to it the next day
  • Don't go too hard on the workouts week 1 if you want to walk normally afterwards
  • That being said, don't be scared to stop modifying as you get stronger!
  • I can do this.
What I want to focus on the next three weeks:
  • Not skipping the Saturday workout
  • Modifying workouts less - I want to do all the push ups on my toes by the end of this round!
  • Trying to plan more foods from the top of the list than the bottom (the list of OK foods in the plan is ordered from best choice to worst choice)
  • Taking pictures of my food and blogging daily

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