Thursday, June 11, 2015

Shopping for the 21 Day Fix

I'm not going to post my grocery shopping list.  I think that part is fairly self explanatory since I made a meal plan - just put items that I don't have on hand already on the list.  But I can recommend a great list app, AnyList for iOS.  I love it because I can verbally add items to it via Siri and a simple little sync they set up with the Reminders app.  All you have to do is say "Siri, add broccoli to my grocery list" and boom, added to your list with zero typing!

I did do some special shopping to prep for the Fix - getting/trying something new always gives me an extra little boost.  We spent some time perusing container options online and found this set on Amazon, which ended up being perfectly sized for the plan - the large section is 2 greens or purples, the medium section is 1 red, and the small section is 1 yellow.  Perfect for prepping in advance and taking on the go!  They are a nice heavyweight quality too, not like the disposable Ziplocs.

I also picked up a set of these silicone egg poachers, because Hubs and I attempted to poach some eggs this past weekend and had pretty messy results.  These looked like a good way to keep them a little neater!  We're going to give it another shot this weekend.

And I did end up picking up a few new foods that we haven't tried that are 21 Day Fix friendly, I figured trying something different might help keep it more interesting.

Amaranth is a grain I've heard of before as it's on the gluten-free list, but never tried.  It's got a lot of health benefits though, and has the advantage of being high in protein like quinoa.  Plus, you can pop it like popcorn - definitely have to try that method!

Next up, liquid aminos.  I love Bragg products - their Healthy Vinaigrette is really tasty and stored at room temp so perfect for work!  These liquid aminos also do not need refrigeration.  I found them in this handy little spray bottle at Vitacost.  I tried some last night on broccoli and it added a salty/umami flavor.  I'll definitely be using this to help flavor my food on the Fix!

Lastly, raw honey.  I have tried it before, but it's been ages.  You are allowed limited sweeteners on the diet plan (1-2 tsp/day) and I thought that getting something quick and easy to measure would be nice to have on hand.  

I found all of the above food products on Vitacost.  I have shopped on the site for years, they have great prices on gluten-free foods, free shipping on $50, and you get your order really fast.  Not to mention 4% back on Ebates!

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