Monday, June 8, 2015

Getting Started on the 21 Day Fix

So I made the decision to try to make a change for the better and get a jumpstart by doing the 21 Day Fix Challenge.  Now what?

First, of course, I needed the program.  There are plenty of ways to hack it out there, there's tons of free info on the diet plan and container sizes.  But I decided to make it an investment so I'd feel more committed and really do the program wholeheartedly, which to me meant buying one of their Challenge Packs so I could get the Shakeology to do the full recommended plan.  The deal is actually pretty good when you consider the cost of buying just the program.

Shakeology is definitely not cheap, but when they break it down into individual serving cost ($4) and you consider all the stuff in it, and what you'd pay for a comparable amount of food/supplements, it's not unreasonable.  Bonus - it's a way to get a daily chocolate fix!  I am definitely hoping I like it.  There is some confusion out on the internet as to its gluten-free status, but I found this official statement and figured I'd go for it despite shared facility, as it wasn't shared equipment and they perform practices to help avoid cross contamination.  Note that I am very intolerant to gluten, but not celiac.

Next, I had to start planning.  My husband and I like to cook and eat a variety of foods, and on top of that we have really different amounts in our plans and different tastes.  So, planning clearly very necessary.  I'll share my spreadsheet later this week - I am quite sure I went overboard (I usually do when it comes to Excel!), but I think I ended up with a tool that's going to be very useful for creating our individual meal plans.  The exercise part doesn't take much planning, aside from deciding when in the day you want to fit in the workout, and whether you need to find the space/equipment to pull it off (the info says resistance band and dumbbells used, of which I have plenty).

I spent quite a bit of time cruising around for inspiration online while assembling the meal plans - I've got a bunch of ideas already pinned to my 21 Day Fix board.  I also found a lot of great resources from Beachbody coaches, such as this really helpful article on getting started.

Last, I joined a challenge group.  I found mine via the Beachbody message boards along with my new coach Brittany.  She's started up a private Facebook group and already posted some sample meal plans and a little cookbook, and has set up daily challenges.  I think it will be great to have an online group to provide ideas and motivation, in addition to having my husband at home doing the diet and workouts with me!


Hopefully this will help you get a good idea of where to get started with checking out the 21 Day Fix plan and seeing if it sounds right for you.  I'm really looking forward to sharing my experience!

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