Monday, June 15, 2015

21 Day Fix Day 1 - Here We Go!

My 21 Day Fix Challenge started today!

6 AM - 30 Min Workout - Total Body Cardio Fix.

I chose to get the workouts out of the way in the mornings, since my job can be a little hectic at times and I don't always leave on time.  So I was up bright and early, before my alarm in fact - well, before my real alarm.  My "Kitsalarm" (our geriatric cat) started meowing at about 5:30 AM.  She must have been excited to start the Fix, too.  

After 30 minutes, I was sweaty and worn out, but feeling good.  I started out with the regular group, but about halfway through started following the modifier instead, as it was pretty intense.  Autumn reminds me a bit of Jillian Michaels, but not quite as drill-sergeanty. I was happy I at least was able to keep up with the modifier and I didn't quit - the most important part!

8 AM - Breakfast

Breakfast was my first foray into Shakeology.  I started with a 1/2 scoop today - I had read that it can take some getting used to and can potentially cause digestive issues, so I wanted to start a little smaller.  Plus there's the whole gluten-free risk (happy to report no reaction at all).  I was incredibly surprised by the size of the scoop, though -  It's about double the size of the scoops I usually see in protein powders.  I whipped mine up in my Nutri Ninja blender and it came out like an iced coffee.  Perfect for Florida summer!

Conclusion?  Shakeology is GOOD.  Nice strong, deep chocolate flavor without that fake sweetness that I can't stand about protein powders I've tried in the past.  You still get a bit of that powdery taste, enough that I think I might need to go for more liquid/ice when I up it to a full scoop.  But it was good, and I was still feeling very satisfied several hours later.  Normally with my usual smoothie (fruit, plain Greek yogurt, almond milk) I'm already looking for a snack by 10:30.  So maybe there is something to this Shakeology business...

11 AM - Morning Snack

After portioning out the peanut butter I realized it was probably a quarter of what I would usually have as a snack, but I just spread it out thinly on the crackers and it stretched fine, and kept me full until lunch.

1 PM - Lunch

Salad time!  Was a lot heavier on the chicken and lighter on the lettuce than I usually go.  It was good, although warning on the Asian Viniagrette recipe from the eating plan - it is a STRONG sesame flavor.  I used only about half of the recommended sesame oil and mixed in extra lime juice and rice vinegar.  And it was still strong.

4:30 PM - Snack

1 Purple container of sliced apples, which came out to about 1/2 of a large apple.  I wasn't really hungry surprisingly, but I'm trying to eat on a semi-regular schedule.

7:45 PM - Dinner

I made a version of this recipe I found online, basically took the recipe for the marinade and went my own way afterward, using pork tenderloin, a bag of mixed fresh stir fry veggies, and some peppers and onions.  Definitely not saucy like our usual stir fries - but also not loaded with sugar.  There was a teaspoon of raw honey in the marinade to give it a little sweetness, but that's it.

I actually had trouble finishing this dinner, it was a lot of pork!  I'm going to work in a red as a snack daily so I don't end up with such large meal portions.  

So one day in the bag.  Everything checked off.  And I'm already feeling that workout!  Tomorrow's going to be interesting...think I'd better stretch before bed ;)

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