Sunday, June 14, 2015


So, tomorrow's the big day.  21 Day Fix Challenge begins!

And I'm ready.

I've got our meal plans.

I've got my iPhone app - 21 Day Container Tracker.  It does everything - containers (including half sizes), water, workouts, food lists, notes, weight, measurements, everything.  This combined with meal plan should hopefully make this fairly easy to keep up with.

My produce drawer is packed (and there's more outside - and I still have to get some more! Visiting our local farm stand on my way home from work tomorrow.  There are a lot of fruit and veggies in the Fix!

I've made a couple Water Bar pitchers - citrus medley (lime, lemon and orange slices) and blueberry basil.

I've got my workout loaded the DVD player - Total Body Cardio Fix to start.  Sore legs and other parts to follow I am sure...have to hope the yoga I've been doing helps a bit :\

Got my chocolate Shakeology and my absolutely amazing Nutri Ninja ready to whirl it up post-workout tomorrow.morning.

And, lastly, my red wine.  Til we meet again....

Tomorrow I'll be posting the results of my first day on the Fix!

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