Thursday, June 25, 2015

21 Day Fix - Days 9 & 10

It's been quite a week!  Work has been crazy, I've been pulling some long hours, and as I work on a computer, I have zero desire to pick up the PC after a 10+ hour day staring at the screen.  But despite the hours, I've stuck with the workouts and the nutrition plan for the 21 Day Fix Challenge.  Just not the blog...

We're slipping into a routine with food, and it's pretty simple.  I'm still trying to make dinners interesting, we did some oven-baked crispy pork chops on Tuesday and pasta with turkey meat sauce last night.

Learning to balance the slightly indulgent with lots of veggies!  Butternut squash is definitely a great addition to the diet because it's so similar to sweet potato but counts as a veg, not a carb.  And clearly you can tell we love our roasted broccoli!

The workouts definitely going better this week, I'm not struggling to sit or stand, but I can definitely tell I'm working out!  The lower body workout was actually almost enjoyable, she definitely hits all the spots with the various moves and holds.  Definitely was glad for the active rest day of Pilates this morning though.

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