Friday, June 19, 2015

21 Day Fix Day 4 - Finally Less Sore

Whew!  Four days in to the 21 Day Fix Challenge, and I have to admit it takes a fair amount of work to plan food properly and do all the prep work.  I'm leaving the house later in the morning, we're eating dinner later at night...but hey.  I feel great, my energy is high, and my positive attitude just won't quit lately.  So there's that!

I'm also a lot less sore now - still feeling it, but at least I can sit down and stand up without difficulty, and walk at a normal speed again.  Day 4 was an active rest day, so the workout was Pilates - and if that's what Autumn considers rest, no wonder she looks like that!  Good workout for sure.  Although I found it really odd that they all wore sneakers on the video.  I have never worn shoes doing Pilates, so I went barefoot.  Shoes were definitely not necessary. 

Breakfast - 8AM

1.5 Red, 1.5 Purple, .5 Green, 1 Orange

Another Shakeology of course!  Stuck with the usual banana and coffee, and added some spinach to the mix this time.  Couldn't tell a bit, great way to squeeze in some greens first thing in the morning.  Also did coconut again to get my orange in, and some frozen strawberries.

Morning Snack - 12 PM

.5 Purple, 1 Yellow, 1 teaspoon

Enjoyed some more fresh mango, paired up with some peanut butter and gluten-free whole grain crackers.  One thing I will say about this diet, I'm throwing together combos I would not normally, but I haven't hated any of them yet!

Lunch - 2 PM

1 Green, 1 Red, 1 Blue

Ate a bit late because we had a summer event at work and I wanted to make sure I was good and full before I went and could just sip on water.  Had leftover Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Zucchini - still incredibly delicious even microwaved!  The zucchini really held its texture.

Afternoon Snack - 5 PM

.5 Red, .5 Green

I ate in the car on the way home so didn't snap a pic, but just enjoyed a large slice of Boar's Head low sodium turkey and some baby carrots.

Dinner - 8 PM

1 Red, 1 Green, 1 Yellow

Super simple dinner - 1 small baked pork chop, baked sweet potato, and roasted broccoli.  I LOVE roasting broccoli both for the flavor and crunch it adds.  Just toss florets in a bit of olive oil and seasoning and put in a 425 oven for about 30-40 minutes.  So easy.

When I saw the containers I thought I'd be hungry a lot, but it is actually a LOT of food, more than I usually eat since it's not much calorie-dense food.  I managed to finish that dinner, but I was totally stuffed.  Definitely helps keep me out of the pantry after dinner though!

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