Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Radio Silence

So, if you follow this blog, you've probably noticed I have petered out to very few posts then total radio silence for the last few weeks.  Do I have a really good reason?  Honestly, no.  I haven't moved, or had a baby, or anything interesting or life changing at all.  I've just let the details of life get in the way.  My job has been super busy, and I'm generally exhausted by the time I get home, and the last thing I wanted to do after staring at a computer screen all day at work was stare at a computer screen at I just let it all fall to the wayside.

I still plan my meals and we still cook pretty much every single night, but we haven't done anything new or fresh.  The closest I've come to something different was last night when I busted out a jarred mango coconut sauce to toss in with the shrimp I was stir frying (which was delicious...but jarred sauce does not a recipe make).  I do have a few product and restaurant reviews in mind for posts, so I'll have something new and GF-food related coming soon even if it's not a recipe!

I let fitness slide too - I've been really unhappy with the weight gain I experienced after moving to Florida and starting my job, and all I was really managing to do was go running a few days a week.  I trained for then did a couple 5Ks at the end of last year, which helped me feel more fit, but not look more fit.  So this week I started P90X3 with my husband (day 3 and I'm already ridiculously sore...but still moving!).  I've eyed the P90X workout before and always found it too intimidating, but this new one is entirely 30-minute workouts, and since I have to get up before work to do them it's a lot more manageable in my mind.  Hoping that by having a regular schedule to follow and my husband's support I'll stick with it and get into fighting shape by day 90!  I don't want to let the running fall by the wayside though because I do like doing 5Ks, so will have to kick up my post-workday motivation to go in the evenings a few days a week too.  It's not particularly cold here, so that's not a deterrent, but I've been using the early sunsets as an excuse because I dislike running in the dark.  Days are slowly getting longer, though!

I also really want to get back into a regular yoga practice, which I am bad about doing, but when I do I always feel more centered, calm and mentally productive.  Getting that going this week too - heading to a yin yoga class at a new (to us) studio with a girlfriend tonight for 90 minutes of deep stretch and relaxation.  I've never done slow yoga before, I tend to stick to the flow style, so I'm pretty excited to try it!  I also really like the idea of making it a more social thing for motivation/accountability, so hopefully we will like this studio and will want to go once or twice a week.  

Looking forward to getting back in the swing of things!


  1. Oh girl I can relate SO much to this post! Sometimes life just gets in the way, even when it's something we enjoy doing! I'm glad to hear the update though and I'm glad you are enjoying your work and your life in Florida! ((((((((BIG BIG BIG hugs to you!)))))))))))))))))

    1. Thank you Carrie! Sometimes we really just can't do it all as much as we want to right :)

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