Friday, October 18, 2013

Gluten-Free Friday: CVS Gold Emblem Crackers

It's a good sign that gluten-free is becoming more universally available when CVS gets on board with their own brand of gluten-free crackers!  Introducing the Gold Emblem Baked Rice Crisps, available in sea salt and BBQ flavors.

Recently I was contacted with an offer to try them, and I was immediately interested.  I am a big fan of the rice crackers I've found, and with a suggested price point of $2.49 and the opportunity to find it in my plentiful local CVS stores, I knew I'd be a regular customer if I liked them.

I think that these are a great new addition to the market - they are light and crispy, so more chip-like than cracker-like in my opinion.  The sea salt flavor honestly could have used more salt when eaten plain, but were perfect when I dipped them in hummus.  The BBQ flavor also was very subtle, with just a hint of sweet, smoky flavor.  I like BBQ flavored chips, but often they can get very overwhelming, so this was a nice change.  I think these make a nice light snack, and would satisfy any crunchy/crispy cravings without tons of fat or salt (I'm looking at you, kettle chips!).  

The crackers are a high-quality product, and they have taken the extra step of certification to prove that it is a snack safe for celiacs.  Here's the lowdown on all the good stuff:

·      Certified gluten-free
·      Baked not fried
·      Low sodium
·      0g Trans fats
·      No cholesterol
·      MSG Free
·      Non-GMO Certification pending

Sounds pretty good, huh?  Not to mention that they are more affordable at their full price than every specialty gluten-free cracker I have found.  I'm certainly hoping to see more flavors in the future.  These two are currently available in all CVS locations, so be sure to keep a look out next time you're shopping there and pick up a bag!

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