Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Kitchen Reveal!

We recently bought our first house together here in Florida, and one of the things that we knew we wanted to update pretty quickly was the kitchen.  It was functional enough, and the appliances are great, but it just didn't work as well for our needs since we spend a LOT of time there.  It also didn't have a pantry, which made food storage more difficult.

Initially we went into this project thinking we would just get a pantry cabinet and new counters installed, but when we realized how much more organized and efficient the kitchen space could be, we decided to go ahead and replace all the cabinets.  We kept the appliances, though, which makes a big difference in terms of budget.  

Presenting the final product!


The panorama photo makes it look like the middle is curved, but it's not - still like seeing the full effect though! Here are some before and after shots to give you an idea of what we started with compared to what we ended up with.





We worked a lot of little details into the design that made a huge difference in terms of organization.  We replaced one of the large lower cabinets with two deep drawers for pots and pans - no more kneeling on the floor to dig out the pan I need!  The lids and a couple of the larger pots are in the lowest drawer.


We also replaced one of the narrow cabinets on the side of the stove with a built-in spice rack, freeing up space in other cabinets and making it really easy to both find and use spices while cooking.


For the largest section of the pantry, we had drawers installed instead of shelves to make food easier to access.


We also ordered cabinets that were 6" taller than the previous ones, which allowed for a bit more storage space per shelf inside.  The biggest storage addition though was turning the built-in desk into a pantry, something we knew we needed to add when we bought the house.  The desk space was basically useless to us - the surface became the dropoff area for our things after we came in the door.  Now we are using one of the built-in shelves on the side of the pantry for this purpose, and it looks a lot neater!  


There is so much less visible clutter, which makes me really happy.  Not to mention the wow factor thanks to the beautiful granite countertops!  The granite is Santa Cecelia Light, and we thought it really complemented the brushed-chrome hardware look and all of our stainless steel small counter appliances.


In case anyone is curious - the cabinets are by Kabinart, and the whole thing was designed and put together by Heller Cabinetry in Melbourne, Florida.  The initial demo/preparation and the final tasks involving plumbing and electric installation/adjustments were all Hubs' handiwork.  Having a handy husband is definitely something I am extremely grateful for!  

Hope you guys enjoyed the tour of our new kitchen – cooking is even more of a pleasure now and I am totally loving it Smile

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  1. we decided to go ahead and replace all the cabinets. We kept the appliances, though, which makes a big difference in terms of budget. More info here


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