Sunday, September 15, 2013

Gluten-Free Long Island: Fratelli's Pizza

One of my favorite food memories is of the first time Hubs took me home to meet his family and fed me real New York pizza for the very first time. I could see what the fuss was all about, easily the best pizza I've had. The last few visits though I have had to settle for watching him enjoy his pizza, but not this time!

My mother-in-law scouted out this place for me - when she asked about the gluten free the owner showed her exactly how careful they are with it - they not only have specially designated bowls and pans for prep, they even have separate spices and toppings. I was eager to give it a try on this year's visit.
It comes in a "personal" size only, although it was pretty large - probably similar in size to a medium (they do pizzas big up here!). It was really good - they don't go for the flatbread thing like a lot of GF pizza places, the crust had some heft to it. It was a bready crust, you can't expect to get the chew without gluten, but a good substitute for sure.
What made it really amazing was the cheese - I'm not sure exactly what the cheese blend is, but it was so flavorful and worked perfectly with the sauce. And they are very generous with it!
So happy that I get to participate in the pizza meals again - thanks, Fratelli's!


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