Friday, September 27, 2013

Gluten-Free Friday: Udi's Frozen Pizzas

Have I got a fantastic product to share today!  I've reviewed the Udi's pizza crusts, but I hadn't bought the premade pizza before.  Then I read a review on Gluten Hates Me, and I knew I had to give it a try.


One word - wow.  I was floored by how good it was, and how much better it was than the pizza crusts!  Don't get me wrong, the pizza crusts are good and definitely more affordable than the ready-made pizza, but they don't have the same crunch and flavor.   


It cooked up in just 12 minutes in my toaster oven, and came out perfectly golden brown.  It had just the right amount of cheese, and while I am not normally a pepperoni fan since I find it tends to overwhelm the flavor of the pizza, in this case it added the perfect meaty saltiness.  Maybe because it is uncured pepperoni?  Anyway, two thumbs up!  The crust was the real winner though - I could actually hear the sound of the crispness when I sliced into the pizza, and the slice stood up to the test and didn't flop down.


I bought just one small pizza to share with Hubs as a backup for the Pillsbury gluten-free pizza dough in case it was inedible (not unheard of in my gluten-free pizza experience), and after finishing my half I worked the puppy-dog eyes on Hubs until he offered up the rest of his last slice!  What a guy :)  

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