Friday, August 16, 2013

Gluten-Free Friday: Vanilla Chex

Very excited about today's product review - new Vanilla Chex!  I was a fan of Chex pre-gluten free and now that it's one of my only easily available cereal options, you can usually find a box in my pantry.  Up until now, the Cinnamon Chex was my favorite, but the new Vanilla flavor is definitely giving Cinnamon a run for its money.

08162013 - 1

I wasn't sure exactly what to expect when I tried the new flavor, since I don't have much experience with vanilla flavored food aside from ice cream.  It pretty much tastes exactly like vanilla frosting.  It's very sweet, but like with the other sweet Chex cereals it's a mix of some coated pieces and some plain, so the sweetness is not totally overpowering.  

08162013 - 2

I'm not sure I'd pour a bowl of this and enjoy it for breakfast - I don't like starting my day with a ton of sugar and nothing else, I'd be hungry again in an hour.  But as a snack, it's fantastic!  I've been mixing it in with nuts and dried fruit for a sweet trail mix.  I think it would also be really good as a topper for plain Greek yogurt along with some fresh fruit.  And you can bet it's going to make an appearance in my holiday Chex mix frenzy!

Two thumbs up to Chex for adding a new flavor to their gluten-free line - always fun to have more choices in our world!


Just a reminder to all you NC folks - tomorrow is the big Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness Event in Durham!  Don't miss it!!  I really wish I could be there this year, but the trip from here in South Florida is not exactly quick...but I will be there in spirit as you check out all the fantastic offerings and enjoy the speakers and communing with your fellow gluten-free folk.  

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