Friday, August 2, 2013

Gluten-Free Friday: Five Guys

I have been hearing about Five Guys for years now, but had never actually eaten at one.  A few weeks ago I finally made that happen when Hubs and I went out unexpectedly and needed a quick bite before meeting up with some friends.  It was definitely an indulgent meal, but also a very tasty one!

They are actually really gluten-free friendly, thanks mostly to their super-simple menu.  Since the only fried item they serve are fries, the oil is not contaminated and they are perfectly safe.  They also have a Bunless Burger on their menu, so it's not a challenge for them when you order it that way - it comes in a nice little foil container with the lettuce and tomato, and is very easy to eat or take on the go.

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My only complaint would be the huge portion sizes - Hubs and I shared a small order of fries, pictured above, and even together still weren't able to finish them!  Also since I wasn't as familiar with their menu I didn't even see the Little Hamburger - turns out the regular that I ordered is two patties, while the little version is just one, which would have been a better size for me.

It was definitely worth the calorie splurge - the burger was hot and juicy, with high-quality meat and amazing flavor.  I was not as big a fan of the fries though, since they were a little on the soggy side, I'm guessing the oil was likely not hot enough.  Still fairly good, and honestly I didn't need to eat them after two giant burger patties anyway :)

So if you're looking for a quick gluten-free meal in your area, be sure to see if there's a Five Guys around!

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