Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Recipe Review: Greek Yogurt Pancakes from I'm a Celiac

The first recipe I tried this week from Pam's cookbook, Family Approved Gluten Free Recipes, was her Greek Yogurt Pancakes.  As a bonus, it worked better with Hubs' new request for higher-protein meals while still allowing for my favorite Sunday indulgence of a hot pancake breakfast!

It couldn't have been easier - basically she's worked it out to substitute some of the milk for Greek yogurt in a regular pancake mix recipe.  I ended up using plain nonfat Chobani Greek yogurt, since in my recent efforts to cut back on sugar I've stopped buying the flavored varieties, but I do think that this recipe would be absolutely fantastic with a flavored yogurt, especially the blueberry or apple cinnamon.  Also working with what I had on hand I used Pamela's pancake mix instead of Bisquick, and unsweetened almond milk instead of regular milk.  I used the same exact measurements from the recipe though.

They cooked up just like regular pancakes, and came out perfectly golden with just a hint of crisp on the exterior, exactly how I like them.  They were a little thicker than regular pancakes, and not quite as bread-like.  I liked the richer texture better, and even using plain yogurt and unsweetened almond milk, they weren't lacking in flavor.  I love that the nonfat Greek yogurt provided extra protein, and by skipping the tablespoon of melted butter I usually add to pancake batter it also helped me save on the fat content.  Two thumbs up for the first recipe!

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  1. It's hard to pinpoint a favorite, but some we love are discovered through trial and error. Last night I made a one-dish meal with ground beef, frozen hash browns and cheese. Very yummy!

    1. Yum, that sounds delicious!! That would be a hit in my house for sure :)


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