Friday, June 14, 2013

Gluten-Free Friday: Pamela's Oatmeal Cookie Mix

A few months back, my favorite baking mix brand, Pamela's, released some new offerings - including a couple new cookie mixes.  The one that immediately caught my eye was the Oatmeal Cookie Mix, having been a huge fan of chewy oatmeal cookies all my life.  I've tried a couple of packaged gluten-free oatmeal cookie brands, but all of them were crunchy and just not the same.

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The mix has been sitting in my pantry quite some time, as I tend to have willpower issues when there are cookies in the house, but this past weekend I caved and decided it was time for a treat.  The mix is just a plain oatmeal cookie mix, so you can add whatever mix-ins you want - instead of going with the more traditional raisin, I decided to switch it up and go for butterscotch chips (Hershey's brand is gluten free).

They were super simple to put together - I am lucky enough to have a stand mixer courtesy of my mom, so whipping up the butter is an easy task.  Then you just add the cookie mix and an egg, give it another minute of mixing, and you're done!  I added in the butterscotch chips after the batter was fully mixed and gave it a quick whirl to combine them in.  After 15 minutes in the oven, I had perfectly chewy oatmeal cookies.

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I was floored by how good these were - they definitely don't taste gluten free!  Although considering that the recipe calls for a whole stick of butter, not too surprising that they are super tasty.  The butterscotch morsels were a great choice, and really complemented the oatmeal flavor.

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This mix is one I would save for special occasions, as they're a bit indulgent at 150 calories per cookie, but oh so worth it!  Thank you again, Pamela, for making such fantastic products.

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