Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gluten-Free Breakfast Sandwich

We picked out two flavors of bread at The Bald Strawberry, sundried tomato and Italian garlic and herb.  The next morning, Hubs broke out the sundried tomato flavor to make us a couple of delicious breakfast sandwiches.

06042013 - 106042013 - 2

These sandwiches were super simple - he made a quick cheesy egg-white omelet, nuked some bacon, and layered both between slices of the bread.  

06042013 - 4

Breakfast sandwiches are a treat I haven't gotten to have in awhile - one of the best parts about this new bread is that the slices are normal-sized, rather than the usual smaller size we get with the commercial brands we buy.  They made nice and hefty sandwiches!

06042013 - 3

I've also enjoyed the bread with my breakfast all week, and yesterday evening I toasted up a couple slices of the sundried tomato and seasoned up some good olive oil with roasted garlic & herb seasoning for dipping.  Bread and olive oil was always one of my favorite things about visiting Italian restaurants, so it was nice to enjoy that special treat at home!

06042013 - 6

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