Friday, May 24, 2013

Gluten-Free Friday: Udi's Pizza Crusts

Happy Pizza Friday!  I do love our tradition of having pizza on Fridays, and while it's not nearly as consistent as it was in my pre-GF days, I still try to do it as often as I can.  Which means that I have tried quite a few GF pizza crusts and mixes from the grocery store, some with better results than others.  My absolute favorite is still the Against the Grain crusts, but now that the closest Whole Foods is over an hour away I've had to explore other options.

Enter Udi's pizza crusts - they are sold in the freezer section of my local Publix, at the very reasonable price of $4.79 for 2 individual-sized crusts.  

05172013 - 1

They make a thin-crust style pizza, and there is no effort made to hide that fact - it says "thin & crispy" right on the package after all.  My beloved Against the Grain definitely have a more chewy texture.  But as a vehicle for hot tomato sauce and melty cheese, they do the job pretty well.

05172013 - 3

Bonus that they also cook up pretty quick - mine bake up in about 10 minutes from frozen.  They are also conveniently sized for a toaster oven, which I like, and they come out nice and crispy.

05172013 - 4

Verdict?  I find it to be a satisfying way to enjoy pizza, and Hubs has even been known to eat a slice or two without (verbalized) complaint.  The first one I made tasted sort of bland, but I find that adding a dash of salt (or, better yet, Garlic Gold Sea Salt Nuggets) makes a big improvement.  I also use top-quality Sargento cheese, which I find to be far superior to cheaper brands in terms of flavor/texture.  

A serving is 1/2 pizza per the package, but I find that I can usually polish off the whole thing - an entire crust is less than 400 calories though so I don't think that's unreasonable for a dinner even with sauce and cheese, especially if you compare it to takeout pizza nutritionals.  

Now I want pizza....

05172013 - 5

Don't you?

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