Friday, May 31, 2013

Gluten-Free Friday: Bald Strawberry Cafe

Awhile back, I was very excited when I was perusing my Find Me Gluten Free app and spotted an entry for a 100% gluten-free place up in Melbourne, FL called The Bald Strawberry - only about a half hour north of where I live.  A place where I could eat everything on the menu?  Sign me up!  So when we planned a trip up to Melbourne this past weekend for some errands, I knew we would have to go by there for lunch.  I haven't found too much in the way of specialty GF products around here aside from the grocery stores, so I was really looking forward to seeing what they had to offer.  

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The Bald Strawberry is located in the historic downtown section of Melbourne, which is a charmingly quaint part of town filled with unique little restaurants, bars and shops.  Only caveat is you have to find street parking, but we had no problems finding a spot very close by.  It's a pretty small place, and it seems like they mostly cater to the takeout crowd - people were coming and going regularly while we were eating lunch, but we were the only ones eating in.  It was obvious why, though, as they had a really big selection of delicious-looking baked goods and also offer custom orders.

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They are open for breakfast and lunch, and the menu was pretty basic and revolved around gluten-free waffles - they offered both sandwiches and pizza.  The sandwiches were definitely geared more towards breakfast, so both Hubs and I opted for pizzas.

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I had never even heard of the concept of waffle pizza before, but when you think about it it makes sense - it really is a good base for tomato sauce and cheese.  I went for the cheese, and Hubs got the Italian herb.  Both were really good, although we agreed we preferred the cheese as it had a little more crisp to it.  

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We also shared a piece of their vegan, gluten-free pumpkin bread, but it went so fast I didn't have a chance to snap a picture!  It was absolutely delicious, though - they warmed it up for us and it was nice and moist, with just a hint of sweetness to it.

I managed to resist the brownies and cookies, but we did buy some bread to take home in two flavors - the sundried tomato and the Italian garlic & herb.  Seeing flavors of bread beyind white and multigrain was a nice treat!  

05302103 - 9

They have even more offerings in their bread menu, which you can preorder for pickup.  The sweet potato bread is calling my name - going to order some of that before our next trip up!

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I also was really happy to learn that apparently they have plans to open a 100% gluten-free restaurant up in Melbourne soon - definitely going to keep my ears wide open for that.  I am definitely going to be a regular Bald Strawberry customer, and hope that if you are ever in the area that you stop by as well and show them a little gluten-free love!

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