Friday, April 5, 2013

Gluten-Free Friday: Glutino Cheese Pizza

In the past, we had Pizza Friday every week as a super simple dinner to kick off the weekend.  I would pop a frozen pizza in the oven, throw some chopped lettuce in a bowl, pour a glass of wine and call it dinner!  After going gluten free I dropped pizza for the most part, but have tried a few frozen options here and there when the mood strikes.

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My most recent impulse pizza purchase was a multi-pack of Glutino cheese pizzas.  I liked their small size in comparison to the Against the Grain crusts that I usually buy, as they would allow me to do 3 Pizza Fridays rather than just one.

04052013 - 2

As expected, they are just as easy to prepare as any frozen pizza, and as a bonus they are small enough to fit in the toaster oven.  I recommend cooking it directly on the rack if your oven is not a cross-contamination risk for a perfectly crispy crust.

04052013 - 3

In just minutes, you have a bubbling, delicious personal gluten-free pizza!  I topped mine with some chopped fresh basil for extra color. and served it with a side salad to fill out the meal.

04052013 - 4

It weighs in at just 410 calories, so eating the whole thing as a meal is pretty reasonable. I made it a complete dinner with a side salad.  

04052013 - 5

The crust has a nice crisp to it without being too dry or cracker-like, and the tomato sauce is really good and not overly sweet.  My only complaint is that I wish it had more cheese - but I have always been an extra cheese on my pizza kind of girl!  

I definitely recommend keeping these in the freezer if you like the occasional pizza without a lot of hassle.  They're carried in a lot of stores, so they're pretty easy to find - for a store that carries them near you, check out their store locator.

I'm doing a Pizza Friday tonight, but trying out Udi's this time.  I found a 2-pack of their crusts recently at Publix and thought I'd give them a try - by getting just the crusts, I can put as much cheese as I like on them!

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