Friday, March 1, 2013

Gluten-Free Friday: Three Bakers Stuffing Mix

Last week I reviewed the Three Bakers' Hoagie Rolls, which were awesome.  This week I've got a product that's not quite as common in the GF specialty aisle - stuffing!

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I knew when I spotted the Stuffing Mix on the Three Bakers website that I really wanted to try it, and I was so happy when they granted my request and included a box in my package.  Hubs and I enjoyed stuffing so much that we used to have Stove Top at least once a month, but obviously that was off the menu after going gluten free.  I've made homemade stuffing on Thanksgiving the last two years, but it's quite a process for everyday weeknight cooking.

The Three Bakers Stuffing Mix was just as easy to make - just boil water, stir in stuffing mix, and let it sit for a few minutes to absorb.  

03012013 - 2

There are also instructions for baking it in the oven afterwards, which I'm going to try next time, but we were short on time so I served it immediately.  The texture was great, not dry or crumbly at all.  The herb flavor was potent, so there was no need to jazz it up with fresh herbs or anything like that to give it enough flavor.  Definitely my new go-to choice for stuffing!

03012013 - 3

Bonus - the box is a full 8 servings, so we only made half the box and had enough for two generous portions, plus leftovers.  

Check out their store locator to see where you can find Three Bakers products near you, or you can buy them online.

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  1. Score! I need to get a box! Been missing my stuffing recipes.


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