Friday, March 29, 2013

Gluten-Free Friday: Goodbye Gluten Tortillas

I owe the discovery of Goodbye Gluten Tortillas to Hubs, who did the grocery shopping the other week and happened to spot these on one of the aisles - not in the freezer section, which is pretty unusual for GF grain products like tortillas.

03292013 - 1

When I got home and spotted them on the counter, I picked them up and was immediately surprised by how pliable they felt.  They actually felt like real flour tortillas!  I was very eager to try them out, and made a quesadilla the next day.

03292013 - 2

First taste test was a huge success!  Quesadillas were one of my favorite go-to snacks in my former life and I miss them so much.  These tortillas are so huge (burrito size) that just one makes a pretty big and filling quesadilla.

Next up, I tried it with a fajita.

03292013 - 3

This attempt, while attractive, was not quite so successful - I am not used to eating fajitas on such a jumbo tortilla, so it was a bit hard to hold.  And while I did nuke it for a few seconds to make them even more pliable than they already were, it wasn't quite as convincingly authentic as when I had it in a quesadilla.  I think that browning/crisping it really helps.  Don't get me wrong, it was still pretty good and I enjoyed every bite, but you could tell it was gluten free.  Think I'll stick to eating my fajita meat and veggies with rice - cheap and tasty!

Conclusion?  I'd keep buying these for the sole purpose of bringing quesadillas and the occasional sandwich wrap back into my life.  They're pricey, as is expected for every GF specialty product, but I think they're a bit cheaper than Rudi's at $4.99 at my Publix for 6 jumbo tortillas.

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