Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chicken Parmesan Burgers

Last night's dinner was one of the new recipes on the meal plan for this week from the Healthy Food for Living blog.  Hubs and I both big fans of chicken parm, and I've come up with both a gluten-free version of the real thing and a 15-minute quick gluten-free version featuring Perdue GF chicken tenders.  This was a whole different experience, though, with all the flavors of chicken parm in an entirely new format - a burger!

03072013 - 1

After enjoying Udi's gluten-free hamburger buns so much at Margaritaville, I immediately put them on my shopping list.  They are big enough for a real burger and have a pretty decent texture.  These burgers would likely have been a lot better on the ciabatta rolls the recipe calls for, but I work with what I have!  Using a gluten-free bun was the only modification the recipe needed to make it GF.

03072013 - 1a

The patties were very easy to put together, just ground chicken, tomato sauce and seasonings.  I used a tomato sauce we made from scratch this weekend, and it was a bit on the chunky side and I had a little trouble with one of the patties falling apart.  The chunks were tasty, but I recommend using a smooth sauce to make cooking easier.

03072013 - 2

The burgers are cooked in a skillet, so no need to venture outside to the grill, so it's a good burger for cold weather months (and yes, it does get cold in Florida!  We had lows in the 30s this week).

03072013 - 3

To bring in the flavors of chicken parm, the burgers are topped with mozzarella cheese, and the bun gets a layer of tomato sauce.

03072013 - 4

Lauren even takes it a step further in her recipe by making the buns into garlic bread - a delicious extra touch!  For the recipe, head on over to her blog.

03072013 - 5

We both really enjoyed these burgers, and they will definitely be appearing on our menu again.

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