Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gluten-Free Universal Studios: Mythos Restaurant

I figured eating inside the Universal Studios park might pose somewhat of a challenge, and thought we'd have to venture out to Citywalk to find a good place for lunch.  Thanks to the Find Me Gluten Free app, though, I was proven wrong!  I pulled it up when we were in the Islands of Adventure park and discovered that right around the corner there was a restaurant, Mythos, with a gluten-free menu and a great review.  We immediately made a reservation on Hubs' OpenTable app and headed that way.

02212013 - 1
What a find!  Not only did they have a really diverse menu, the regular menu was clearly labeled with gluten-free options, and there were lots of choices available.

02212013 - 3

It also had a pretty unique atmosphere - it was like eating in a giant cave.  We were in the Greek mythology section of the park, I think the theme idea was that it was carved out by the Greek gods.

02212013 - 2

After much debate I ended up going for the Pad Thai with BBQ Plum Roasted Pork - it sounded delicious, and I hadn't had Thai food since our trip to Sawasdee back in Raleigh.  I double checked that the pork was indeed gluten free, and the server assured me that the only modification the dish needed was leaving off the crispy noodles.

02212013 - 4

I was so pleasantly surprised when this arrived at the table - beautifully presented, with perfectly cooked rice noodles and juicy, flavorful pork.  It was a huge portion, though, and while I did my best to finish it, it just wasn't happening.  We were headed out to more rides, so I figured stuffing myself to the gills was not exactly the best idea.

We will definitely be returning on our next trip to Universal Studios - thanks, Find Me Gluten Free, for helping me find this place!

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