Friday, February 15, 2013

Gluten-Free Friday: Udi's Bagels

Our new apartment has one major thing going for it - it's an entirely gluten-free zone.  This was something that I didn't do in our former house, choosing instead to just be very careful, but Hubs has gone along with it so I can keep my new toaster oven completely non-contaminated and not have to put everything on aluminum foil (which is awesome, because foil definitely interferes with proper toasting).

Since we made the transition, Hubs has also been a lot more amenable to trying out my gluten-free alternatives and has actually seemed to be fairly happy with it and has started exploring the gluten-free sections of our local stores.  On our last grocery trip he threw Udi's gluten-free bagels in the cart - as a former New Yorker he is a big fan of bagels for breakfast!

I haven't actually eaten a whole bagel on my own yet (they are massive), but I've tried a few bites of his and I have to admit they are pretty good!  I figure bagels, like pizza, are a hard one to imitate, since the best part about a good bagel is the chewiness that can only be provided by gluten.

These have some chewiness, but it's nothing like a real bagel.  It's definitely more roll than bagel, but I found it surprising how much chew they were able to get into it.  Also, this could be just our toaster, but they definitely went from toasted to burned very quickly, so watch them carefully!

At just over $4 for a 4-count package at my local Publix, they're not cheap, but when you think about what you'd pay at a bagel shop it's not too bad.  I think they would be great for sandwiches, especially if you like your sandwiches on the larger side - most gluten free rolls and sandwich breads tend to be pretty small.

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