Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gluten-Free Traditional Chex Mix

Chex is an awesome go-to cereal for the gluten-free community – it’s readily available in pretty much all grocery stores, it’s not terribly expensive, and the boxes clearly say Gluten Free on the outside for that extra level of reassurance. 

Chex Mix, however, is completely off limits thanks to their use of wheat Chex, pretzels and bagel chips.  It was an absolute favorite snack of mine, though, so for the holidays this year I decided to figure out my own gluten-free version.  All it took were a few basic swaps for gluten-free versions of the ingredients with wheat.


I don’t want to print up Chex’s recipe and risk getting in trouble, so here’s the link for their recipe.  Just swap out the wheat Chex and make up for it with a little more of the GF varieties, Rice and Corn Chex.  I used Glutino brand pretzels and parmesan garlic bagel chips, which are both fabulous.

010913 (2)

It’s super easy to make – you do it entirely in the microwave.  Just melt the butter and seasonings, toss with the cereal, nuts, pretzels and bagel chips, microwave it all for a few minutes and you’re done!

Verdict?  Amazing, and impossible to tell it’s gluten free!  I have to say, being gluten free is so much easier with all these amazing products on the market these days. 

If you find gluten-free ingredients too hard on your wallet in the store, check out online sources to get your fix – I recently discovered Vitacost, which has a huge selection of gluten-free food at great prices!

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