Monday, December 31, 2012

Officially Saying Goodbye to Raleigh

If you follow my blog, you probably noticed that I have been silent for awhile.  Unfortunately, that silence was not due to me having too much fun over the holidays – more like the opposite.  Instead of celebrating Christmas this year, we spent our time off work packing up for the final big move down to Florida – Hubs now officially lives here with me too!

It was much harder than I remember from all the moves I did throughout my college years – it’s amazing how much we managed to accumulate.  We had already made one trip down here with a small truck, and we managed to fill a 26-foot behemoth with the remainder of our household.

123112 (1)

To put the truck size in perspective, here’s my 6-foot husband standing behind it.  I’m so thankful he did the driving!

123112 (2)

After all that packing and filling, of course you then have to empty and unpack at the other end.  We split things between our apartment and a storage unit, as we have to sell our NC house before we can get a house here (so if you happen to be looking for a house in the Raleigh area, shoot me an email, it goes on the market in a few days!)

We’ve still got a fair amount of work ahead tomorrow, so our New Year’s Day will likely be about as celebratory as our Christmas Day was this year.  But at least we are in the home stretch!  We finally returned the truck today and proceeded immediately to Mulligan’s in Vero Beach for well-deserved cocktails and lunch on the water. 

123112 (3)123112 (4)

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!  I plan to get back to regular blogging later this week and have a few reviews and recipes I’m excited to share Smile

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