Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Traveling Gluten Free at the Airport

Hello from Orlando International Airport! I am joining the masses and flying home to see Hubs for the holiday weekend.
Thought it was going to be a really nasty trip when my flight this afternoon was reporting a 6 hour delay thanks to the mess in Chicago (my plane was coming from there), but shortly after I got to the airport it suddenly flipped to just a 1.5 hour delay. Awesome surprise, as I went from expecting a midnight arrival to being able to keep our original plans for dinner tonight at Bella Monica!

Anyway, I thought I'd take this opportunity to post some tips for air travel while gluten free. On the road you at least have some flexibility in finding a place that works for you, but in the airport you're pretty much a captive audience.

Tip #1 - Be prepared!

I know I've given this tip before, but packing snacks is the best way to make sure you'll have something safe to eat. Bonus, it's cheaper too! I like to pack Gopicnic meals and shelf stable snacks like bars, nuts, chips, and dark chocolate (a few treats go a long way when you're stressed out from crowds and delays!). If you want to bring something chilled, I picked up a great tip from Tina over at Carrots n Cake - wrap it in tinfoil and it'll stay cold for awhile without an ice pack. I just finished enjoying a nice high-protein snack of GF crackers, deli turkey and cheese thanks to this trick!

Tip #2 - Plan Ahead

Research the airport ahead of time. Look at what's available in your terminal, or in the main area before security. There are great apps with terminal maps like Point Inside or Gate Guru, and the Find Me Gluten Free app works in airports too! The Orlando airport actually has an Outback, and I had a great experience at the Five steakhouse at the JFK airport. Just be careful as always! And if you can't find anything that works, eat before you go to the airport or see tip #1.


Tip #3 - Hit Up the Newsstand

If all else fails, check out the newsstand and sundries shops, I have always been able to find safe snacks there, even if it's just a bag of chips. It might not be good for a complete meal, but it'll at least keep the hangries at bay!

I apologize for the lack of links on the apps - apparently the free wireless here at the airport is pretty overloaded and I'm having trouble getting sites to load. But all of them are in iTunes :)



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