Sunday, November 11, 2012

Spoonful Sunday: Get Back on Track

I’m one of those people who gets off track fairly easily when dealing with changes to my routine – even just a short vacation has a negative effect on my healthy living motivation, so needless to say this past week of moving to a new state and starting a new job all at the same time has completely thrown me for a loop.

I’ve been getting up at about 6:30AM to get myself ready for work, and getting home at about 6PM ready to collapse on the couch.  I know I need to get back into exercising regularly ASAP or I’m going to start heading downhill fast, so this week I’m going to prioritize making time for fitness. 

The question is, morning or evening?  I’m already getting up pretty early, and getting up early enough to get in a good workout seems kind of daunting to me.  But then if I leave it until evening, I’m more likely to skip it because I don’t have time.  I’m thinking maybe a combination of the two, at least until I figure out which one works best for me, and making sure to hit it hard on the weekends when I have extra time.

I started my spoonful off right this evening and hit the mat for some yoga. 

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It felt so good!  It wasn’t as fun as my usual class from O2 Fitness with Jennifer, but it was still a good flow and stretch routine, and I clearly needed it.  Tomorrow I’m going to hit the treadmill at the fitness center here at my apartment complex when I get off work, no excuses!

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