Sunday, November 25, 2012

Simple Thanksgiving Success!

I hope that you all had a very happy Thanksgiving weekend.  Ours was pretty busy, as we spent the majority of our time packing, cleaning, and working on getting the house ready for sale.  But we did manage to have an absolutely fantastic gluten-free Thanksgiving dinner!

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As I had planned, we kept it pretty simple.  We opted to just do a turkey breast, which we brined in a solution of water, kosher salt and peppercorns overnight.  After just over 2 hours in the oven, it was ready to for carving.

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We did try to put in some special touches to the meal – Hubs went all out with some amazing caramelized bacon and onion green beans with parmesan cheese, and I contributed a version of Gluten Hates Me’s cornbread stuffing with leftover corn muffins I had in the freezer. 

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I wish I’d done more as her recipe looked absolutely fantastic, but I ended up omitting all of the ingredients except the onion, celery, garlic rosemary and chicken stock.  It was still fantastic, though! 

For dessert, I whipped up a very quick pumpkin mousse based on a recipe from Taste of Home.  I ended up having to modify it a bit – the proportions of 1 oz pudding mix to 1.5 cups of milk seemed a bit off, so I went with the instructions on the pudding box instead for that part.  It came out really good and we both loved the flavor, but I wish I’d had some gluten-free graham crackers or something to crumble over the top to give it a little more texture.  

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I flew home last night, thankfully an uneventful trip, and was greeted by a big box of gluten-free goodies!

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No, I didn’t win a contest – I actually had a LivingSocial voucher for that was about to expire and they were having some great sales on the site, so I got this huge haul for just $35 including shipping!  Some of the products I’ve had before, but there are some new things in there I’m eager to try, in particular the Schar’s gluten-free baguettes – I posted this photo to Instagram earlier today and 2 people have already commented to tell me how wonderful they are!  (Pssst – they are still on sale too if you’re interested)

I ended my Saturday evening with this beautiful girl and a bowl of Annie’s gluten-free mac & cheese with fresh tomatoes. 

112512 - 8112512 - 9

Perfect way to cap off a great holiday weekend Smile  Today was spent just catching up on chores around the house, but I’ve got a great dinner on the menu for tonight – an apple-bacon stuffed sweet potato (recipe from How Sweet It Is), and a green salad on the side.  Really looking forward to trying it!

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