Monday, November 26, 2012

Meal Plan Monday

Meal PlanAfter a few weeks of last-minute meals, I’m finally back to regular meal planning!  Without Hubs around I haven’t been cooking as often and eating a lot of big salads, but I’m trying to make an effort this week to get in the kitchen a bit more.  I do love to cook, after all!




  • Leftovers




  • French Bread Pizza (because I know they will be amazing and I will want another)
  • Green Salad


So that’s it – not very exciting, and it’s nearly all chicken, but it’s a lot more variety than what I have been eating lately. 

Also I know it’s odd to see cranberry sauce on the menu after Thanksgiving, but I have leftover cranberries from my jeweled cranberry carrots dish and I hate wasting food.  And besides, who says cranberry sauce has to be reserved to just once a year?

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