Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hello from Vero Beach!

After a loooong week of packing, loading, traveling, unloading, and unpacking I'm finally back to blogging! It has definitely been quite an adventure trying to get down here and settled in just a couple days - I haven't even made it out to the beach yet! But at least my apartment has a fairly decent view.
I definitely could not have done it without Hubs, who drove the truck down here and spent the long weekend helping me unpack, shop, and put together/set up everything in my new place. Thanks, honey! It's definitely odd being here without him, but at least I know he will be joining me soon.

Unfortunately we weren't able to get everything done, but I am definitely in the home stretch in terms of unpacking. Good thing, because yesterday I started my new job! Feels great to be gainfully employed again :) I even managed to land a job in my field, as a data coordinator for an advertising technology firm. I've barely gotten my feet wet, but I'm liking it so far. The view alone was enough to make me fall for the place!

Note that this is the view from the building, which I took from the parking lot. This is my personal view - not quite as stunning...

It's actually my first-ever cubicle, and it's not too bad - pretty roomy, and I've got some privacy, so it definitely could be worse! And it'll be better once I get a PC and add some personal touches :)

Now I might be pretty enamored with the place - the weather is amazing and the people are great - but Kitsa isn't adjusting quite so well unfortunately...


She was pretty good during the drive and in the hotel on the way down, but ever since we arrived she's been having issues. Seems okay most of the time when I'm around, but hides under the bed when I'm gone (pretty sure she spent the entire day there yesterday) and has been waking me up every night around 3am and meows nearly constantly and very loudly for a couple of hours. Now I sort of know what you parents deal with all the time - I haven't slept through the night since we got here! I got some calming spray yesterday but she woke me up again last night and it was just as bad. If any cat owners out there have tips for me I'd really appreciate it.

Well, lunch break is nearly over, time to get back to training!



  1. You are lucky not to be in NC today!!Super rainy and CHILLLY!!! Glad you're settling in :)

  2. Yeah the weather is definitely the biggest perk of living here! However I did hear some horror stories today about all the flooding during Vero's rainy season, which I just missed, so it's not all fun and games :)

  3. Glad you made it!!! Enjoy Fla! I loved my time there. I'm sure you will find lots of GF places to eat.

    1. I definitely hope so! Find Me GF app has some places listed but menu links take me to regular menu so not sure what I will find...but I will definitely have to explore and post my findings on the blog :)


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