Monday, November 19, 2012

Gluten-Free Holidays: Cranberry Jeweled Carrots

Last week we had a potluck at my new office, and I immediately knew I wanted to bring a gluten-free dish since I figured most of the offerings would be things I could not eat (I was right).  When I spotted this recipe that I had scanned into my Evernote back in October, I knew it was perfect.  Simple, healthy, colorful, and best of all, inexpensive!

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It’s an easy casserole dish consisting of grated carrots, chopped granny smith apples and fresh cranberries tossed in a mixture of apple cider and brown sugar, then topped with butter and baked until soft and sweet.  You can get the exact recipe on the All You website.

If you don’t have a food processor, I recommend buying the bags of pre-grated carrots – otherwise it would be quite a task to grate all those carrots…

I think it was a hit, it was almost all gone after the meal and I even got a couple requests for the recipe!  The instructions say to serve it warm, but my casserole dish wouldn’t fit in the office microwave so I ended up serving it cold, and it was still really good.  Also, I made it the night before and refrigerated it overnight and it held up well, so you could do this one ahead of time.

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