Friday, November 30, 2012

Gluten-Free Friday: Lundberg’s Brown Rice Couscous

Couscous was a frequent side dish back in my gluten days.  There were so many delicious flavors in the grocery store, and it was ready in less than 10 minutes – hard to beat that!  Thanks to Lundberg’s, couscous can still be a part of a gluten-free diet. 

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Added bonus that it’s a lot more nutritious than regular couscous, which is generally made from white flour pasta.  Brown rice definitely has a lot more going for it!  It still has that great couscous texture, it’s just a bit heartier and a lot more filling.

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One little box makes a whole lot of couscous – once cooked up it filled my 1 quart saucepot!  All in just about 15 minutes, significantly less time than it would take to boil up some brown rice.

It comes in 4 flavors, but so far I’ve only found the plain and roasted garlic with olive oil.  The garlic flavor is my favorite, but I’ll often get the plain kind so that I can make it in smaller batches and not worry about divvying up the seasoning packet properly. 

I’ve found Lundberg’s brown rice couscous at both my regular grocery stores and Whole Foods, priced at around $3-$4/box.  To find a store near you that carries Lundberg’s check out their store locator.

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