Friday, November 9, 2012

Finally Made it to the Beach!

Happy Friday!  Got out a bit early from the office today so I knew immediately I wanted to head to the beach and check it out, as I have (shamefully) been here over a week and not made it across the bridge yet.

110912 - 1 (1)

Gorgeous, right?  I still can’t believe the beach is just a few minutes from where I work now.  The 17th street bridge dead ends at a state park right on the beach where parking is free, so I definitely want to head out there as often as possible on my lunch hours – at least during the off season!

110912 - 1 (2)

It’s been a pretty crazy week, and visiting the beach at sunset was the perfect way to cap it off and decompress for the weekend Smile 

110912 - 1 (3)

110912 - 1 (4)

110912 - 1 (6

110912 - 1 (5)

Heads up for Instagram users – be sure to look for your new Instagram profile, they’re rolling them out this week.  The URL will be user name.  I found mine up today, and it’s pretty cool – has kind of a Facebook feel with a collage header that rotates through some of your pictures.  They didn’t actually email me about it, but I spotted a Blogher tweet about it so I knew to go looking for it.  Great way to use Instagram on your PC!

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