Monday, October 29, 2012

Spoonful at a Time is On the Move!

So, I have some big news – I’m moving this week!  It’s been in the plans for awhile now, but we didn’t have a set date until this past Friday, when I accepted a job offer in the beautiful and sunny state of Florida.

It’s going to be a major change, as I’ve lived nearly all my life in North Carolina, aside from a few childhood years in Germany.  But I’m also really excited about the idea of a warmer climate and the beach lifestyle! 
Hubs was born and raised right by the water, and he’s been feeling landlocked ever since he moved here.  When we visited Vero Beach we both were immediately enamored with the town. 

It’s fairly small and laid back, and everyone we met was so friendly.  The geography is really cool, too – there’s a quaint little downtown area on the mainland, and then you can just cross one of the bridges to the barrier island and there is a funky beach town area.

My new job is starting very quickly – next Monday is my first day – so I’m currently in hyper mode trying to get everything packed and tie up the inevitable loose ends.  Hubs’ job is transferring him there too, but unfortunately they’re not quite ready for it yet so Kitsa and I will be starting off on our own (thankfully he’s taking time off to move me down there, though).  We’ve rented a small apartment short term, and will look into a more permanent residence soon.  It’s definitely going to be a crazy few months!

So, I’m sad to say goodbye to NC and all the wonderful friends I’ve made here, but I definitely will be continuing the blog in Vero Beach so I hope that you’ll continue to tune in to see what it’s like discovering all the great gluten-free places and adjusting to my new lifestyle! However, I will be going into radio silence for the rest of this week so I can focus on moving.  And not going crazy.

See you next week!


  1. Great post! And you are going to love your new adventure! I had a lot of them, and you are due your own. And you even have a local relative!

  2. Good luck!! I'm excited for your new adventures :) Although...sad to see you go!!!

    1. At least I got to meet you in person before I had to take off :) I will definitely still be keeping up with you and all my fave NC bloggers!!


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