Friday, October 26, 2012

Gluten-Free Friday: Sawasdee Thai Restaurant

Before I went gluten free, a friend of mine introduced me to Sawasdee, which she swore was the best Thai restaurant in Raleigh – and she wasn’t mistaken!  It quickly became a favorite.  After GF I figured it was off limits, but recently I stumbled across it on the awesome Find Me Gluten Free app and learned that they now have a pretty big GF menu.

There are 2 locations, one off of Capital and one right near Crabtree Valley Mall on Glenwood.  We had lunch recently at the Glenwood location, and they did an amazing job. 

102612 - 1102612 - 2

Ask for a GF menu when you walk in, they have them ready to go at the front.  I was able to enjoy an appetizer, entrée, and dessert – a rarity these days in restaurants!

Hubs and I shared the fresh shrimp summer rolls to start, which were filled with wonderful crisp veggies, and served  an amazing gluten-free dipping sauce alongside.

102612 - 3

102612 - 4

For my entrée, I ordered the Pad Priew Wan, a.k.a. the sweet and sour stir fry.  I forgot to snap a picture of it when they brought it out, and by the time I remembered it was no longer photo worthy – so this is the best I can do!


The sauce was nice and tangy, and while I initially thought cucumbers and tomatoes in stir fry sounded a bit weird, it was actually really good.  Might even toss them in my next stir fry at home if I remember Smile

And finally, dessert!  We chose to share the sticky rice with Thai custard, which was unlike any dessert I have ever eaten, but really good.  The Thai custard was reminiscent of a flan, and I could not get enough of the sticky rice cake.  It was only very lightly sweet, too, and it was the perfect way to conclude such a big meal.

102612 - 5

If you’re a fan of Thai food, GF or not, I highly recommend you check out Sawasdee!

There’s still a couple of days left to enter to win a signed copy of Ginger Lemon Girl’s Everything Gluten-Free Slow Cooker cookbook!  Enter at the post here, I’ll be announcing the winner on Sunday.  Good luck, everyone!


  1. That looks amaaaaazing! Too bad I live in Tennessee. ;)

    THANK YOU thank you THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for alerting me to the existence of the "Find Me Gluten Free" app!!! I'm so thrilled to discover it. Thank you for sharing! :)

    1. It's amazing, isn't it? It's my new favorite travel companion! So glad you like it, hope it helps you find some good Thai in TN :)


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