Friday, October 5, 2012

Gluten-Free Friday: Glutino Chocolate Cookies

Glutino is one of my favorite gluten-free brands – not only is it available in far more grocery stores than other GF brands I like, their stuff is often pretty tasty.  Hubs and I have sampled several varieties of their cookies and they’re all pretty good, but the chocolate vanilla crème is our absolute favorite, hands down.

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I was a huge fan of Oreos as a kid – although to be honest, I often tossed the cookies after pulling them apart and scraping the cream out with my teeth!  I have since grown up and can appreciate the dark chocolate and cream flavor combo, although I still occasionally like to dunk them in a glass of milk first Smile

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Glutino’s version is indistinguishable from an Oreo in my opinion, aside from the lack of a logo.  Crispy, chocolatey and super sweet – just the way I like it! 

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We did find that the cream in the center was a bit softer than regular Oreos and would squish out the sides when you bit into the cookie.  That problem was easily solved, however, by storing the cookies in the fridge instead of the pantry.

Like other gluten-free products the cookies are on the expensive side, usually about $5 for a box, but my Harris Teeter puts them on sale occasionally.  In fact, this week they happen to be on sale through Oct 9th for just $2.50 in honor of National Celiac Awareness Month!


Pair that up with the $1 off Glutino coupon available on and you can get them for just $1.50 – pretty good deal even for regular cookies!  (note – the coupon says available at Walmart on it, but you can use it anywhere that takes coupons)


Harris Teeter has quite a few of their Glutino products on sale for about half price, including the bagel chips that I reviewed last month, so go ahead and stock up while they’re affordable!

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