Sunday, October 7, 2012

Closet Attack Complete!

So, after weeks of on-and-off effort, the closet is finally done! (or at least my half of it…Hubs’ stuff is his problem to deal with)

The temperature here suddenly dropped 20 degrees today and it got all gloomy, so it was the perfect opportunity to suck it up and finish it.  I pulled every last bit of clothing out and sorted through it, trying on things I wasn’t too certain about, and did my best to reorganize it going back in.

091212 - 2


100712 - 1


It might not look all that reorganized, but I promise it is!  I grouped together types of clothing in an effort to make it easier to find what I’m looking for.  I also went with my idea to reverse all of the hangers and then turn them around only when I’ve worn something.  Hoping that will give me more incentive to get rid of the old stuff I’m not wearing!

100712 - 2

Next up, I still have to tackle my part of the dresser and armoire – at least the finish line is in sight now!  Never fun to do all this, but at least I can walk in the closet now and remind myself how good it feels Smile


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