Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Morning at the Beach

We don't always head to the beach when the weather's perfect. Hubs is a surfer, so our trips are mandated more by the existence of quality waves on a weekend, preferably those generated by storms off the coast. Sometimes, the weather is still gorgeous and sunny on shore. Today, not so much.

We arrived bright and early, with coffee in hand.

When we got there, it looked pretty promising...

Hubs headed out to the waves while I settled in with my breakfast.

Breakfast really hit the spot - the yogurt was a new one for me, the Yoplait Greek brand in coconut.  Normally I'm a Chobani girl, but I grabbed a pack of the Yoplaits last week because they came in smaller cups and I've never seen a coconut greek yogurt before.  Good stuff!

Unfortunately though the clouds just kept building, and despite a few moments of sunshine breaking in early on it just got darker and colder. I ended up wrapping up in a beach towel to stay comfortable!

After looking in vain on the radar for an upcoming break in the clouds and shivering for awhile, we ended up heading home to enjoy our picnic lunch instead. It might have been a brief beach day, but it was still a beautiful, peaceful way to spend the morning :)

Now time to use all that recharged energy this week to keep tackling all that decluttering!


  1. I was hoping to head to the beach today too!

    1. Apparently it did clear up, but not until well after we left. Looks like this week you've got perfect weather for beach running though!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! First and last were Instagrams so I had help achieving the cool effects :)


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