Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Saying Goodbye

We’ve all dealt with saying goodbye, it’s a part of life.  When those goodbyes are unexpected and unexplainable, it hits hard. 

092512 - 1

We had a difficult homecoming from our trip as we sadly ended up saying goodbye to our cat, Black, shortly after arriving home.  He was purring oddly when we came in, and within a few hours was panting and having lots of difficulty breathing.  We took him to an emergency vet where they discovered his lungs were filled with fluid and were unable to stabilize him.  It was sudden, but we are thankful that at least we made it home to spend a few hours with him.

042312 - 1

He was a sweet, funny cat who loved everybody and definitely lived a very cushy life –

He loved to eat…

042312 - 2

And lounge around on blankets with his toys…

092512 - 3

Check out what was on the TV on occasion…

092512 - 4

And keep an eye on the neighborhood. 

092512 - 6

It’s sad to say goodbye to him, but at least he’s with his brother again.

092512 - 5

You were a good cat, Black, and we will never forget you.

092512 - 2

Back to the food tomorrow, I promise!  I’m going to share my new favorite quick and easy meal – exactly what I needed after this past week.


  1. Jenni I am SO sorry! Our cats are our kids and we love them dearly... we had a very similar situation happen with my cat Mitten... thankfully we were able to save him, but he's getting a lot older and he has diabetes and I dread the day we will have to say goodbye to him. I'm so sorry about Black. He was a truly beautiful cat. (((((((((((BIG HUGS))))))))))))) to you!!

    1. Aw thanks Carrie, I really appreciate the kind words! At least I've got your slow cooker cookbook to distract me - it's hard to know where to start, it all looks so good :)


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