Friday, September 28, 2012

Gluten-Free Friday: Crunchmaster 7 Ancient Grains Crackers

I’m already a big fan of the original Crunchmaster crackers, so when I spotted this opportunity to win a box of their new 7 Ancient Grains variety from Celiac Central I jumped at it.

092812 - 1

I just happened to have great timing – we were killing time in the airport and I randomly decided to check my Twitter feed right after they posted it.  I was very pleasantly surprised to find a package in my mailbox today, just 5 days after winning!

092812 - 2

They even included a cute little collapsible NFCA insulated lunch tote in the package, perfect for packing my GF food to go.

092812 - 3

Anyway, on to the crackers.  They are pretty similar to the regular Crunchmasters in terms of ingredients, with the addition of sorghum flour and millet accounting for the “7 Ancient Grains” title - the others being quinoa, sesame, amaranth, flax and brown rice. 

092812 - 4092812 - 5

They have a slightly lighter texture than the original, and the salt taste is much more mild.  The stats reflect the lightness – they have about the same amount of calories as the original, but only half the fat (also only half the fiber though, unfortunately)

092812 - 6092812 - 7

                    7 Ancient Grains                                           Regular

They were good by themselves, but I knew they would be better with toppings.  I spotted a small tomato on the counter and decided to put together a few quick bruschetta bites. 

092812 - 8

I put a slice of tomato on each cracker, topped with a bit of cheese and microwaved for 15 seconds, then garnished with fresh basil.  Delicious!

I personally would likely opt for the regular Crunchmaster crackers since I often have crackers as a bread substitute at lunch and a little fat and fiber really helps the staying power.  But if you’re looking for a lighter alternative for snacking, consider picking up their new 7 Ancient Grains variety!

Thanks to @CeliacAwareness, @thehealthyapple & @LuvCrunchmaster for the giveaway Smile

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