Thursday, September 6, 2012

Decluttering…My Pictures

It seems that I never threw out old photos.  I already spent ages going through stacks of old albums to pick out my favorites from high school and college, and when all that was said and done I realized I also had a huge sack full of all the photos that weren’t even good enough to make it into the albums!

090612 - 1

Remember when our cameras didn’t give us an immediate preview of each photo that we could immediately delete?  And then we got doubles of everything in case any of it was good because we couldn’t just print another one?  Well, for me it resulted in a lot of pictures like this…

090612 - 2

I can’t believe I’ve been giving these storage space!  Definitely time to start getting rid of pictures I don’t want anymore.  It’s a lot to go through, but it’s fun to walk down memory lane.  I’m selecting all of my favorites and storing them in a photo box.

090612 - 3

I’m also planning on working to digitize them in stages to get them organized and in a more usable and durable format – like multiple external hard drives and online storage! 

Scanning them is actually pretty simple, since my scanner has different size options.  I chose 4x6 and not only do I not have to crop, the photos scan in less time. 

090612 - 4

Then I’m saving them by different occasions or categories on my PC.  I got started with my favorites from a trip to Aruba I took with my parents back in 2001 – one of my favorite vacations ever!  I still owe my dad big for that one Smile

090612 - 5

The best part about scanning them in is not only are they easier to access and view anywhere, I can also play around with editing them.  My new favorite photo editing software is Picmonkey, which is full of funky effects and customized editing options like text, shapes, frames, even collages – and it’s all free, with no software download required.

090612 - 6

It’s pretty amazing once you see what all you can do.  I’ve been using it ever since Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers clued me in, and I’m totally hooked.


090612 - 7


090612 - 8

Definitely makes it seem a lot more special! 

I’m starting off just by going through the pictures and storing them, and I’ll gradually work my way through getting them in digital format – knowing me it’ll still be ongoing in a year, but I have hopes to get through it sooner than later, I know it’ll be worth it!


  1. and I will eventually get around to making scrapbook pages out of your favs.

    1. That can be the five year plan lol :)


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