Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Decluttering…My Closet

So I’ve tackled my recipes and pictures – I started myself off easy.  After going through the attic, I needed easy!  Then we ran off to the beach so I got to put off starting the closet this past weekend, but it has to come at some point so I figured I should get going! 

I found a great article online, How to Organize Your Closet in 6 Steps, that I’m using as a guideline – just deviating on step 1 by not taking everything out at once, instead I’m going to take it in stages. 

First I have the shelves, where I keep tshirts, travel toiletries and bags, bathing suits, winter accessories, basically anything random I can’t hang up.

091212 - 1

Then there’s the hanging clothes - not tackling the dresser or armoire just yet, but it’s on the list to be done – but technically it’s not the closet!

091212 - 2

Next up, the shoes – could definitely use a better way to store those, especially the boots gathering dust along the top.

091212 - 3

Then, finally, the bags.  I’ve used these wall hooks for years and they really aren’t all that practical since I obviously have way too many bags for the number of hooks available!  Yes, I know I have a problem…I blame genetics.

091212 - 4

So, the idea is to tackle it in zones, pulling everything out to organize into keeping/maybe/not keeping and getting it all into a much more manageable and organized state in the end.  I know I have it in me somewhere!

I started off small this evening on the shelves by reorganizing my jewelry.  For years I’ve had a wooden jewelry box that was overstuffed with a tangled mix-up of costume jewelry, sentimental stuff from my childhood, and the beaded stuff I occasionally throw on when I’m trying to look nice.

091212 - 5

Definitely a hot mess.  I went online to investigate new ways to store my jewelry and happened upon the Prezerve jewelry organizer.  I liked the fact that it wasn’t a big box, but instead a sleek black pouch that would let me store jewelry pieces individually.  Plus it apparently also helps preserve jewelry, somehow the fabric is supposed to keep the jewelry clean and free of tarnish.  Sounded good to me!

091212 - 6091212 - 7

In just a short half hour or so, I went from the messy box to this neatly organized case, where I can actually see what I have and not have to fish it out and untangle it!

091212 - 8091212 - 9

Just a baby step really in the grand scheme of that closet, but every step counts, right?  Got to kick it into high gear the rest of this week though Smile

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