Sunday, September 16, 2012

Birthday Dinner & Tackling the Closet

This weekend we celebrated Hubs’ birthday in the way that we do best – with an amazing dinner!  We hit up Fresh Market for delicious filets and other goodies to make a simple yet special meal.  As I am starting to get hooked on Instagram, I couldn’t resist documenting the meal as it came together.

Bite-size caprese on a toothpick

Grilled filet mignon and summer squash with baked potato and salad

(our favorite way to celebrate)

Brownie sundae with mint cookie ice cream and chocolate syrup

The sundae was the star of the meal in my opinion – aside from a little help from a brownie mix it was all homemade, and easily done ahead of time.  Recipe coming tomorrow!

We enjoyed a nice lazy Sunday morning, but later I motivated on the closet and tackled the shelves.  It was quite a project, but well worth it.

091612 - 1091612 - 2

Pretty big difference!  I especially like the method I came up with for organizing my bathing suits – instead of the tangled mess in the bins, I paired them up in quart-size Ziplocs.  Easy to spot, easy to pack. 

091612 - 3

I kept the Ziploc trend going with my travel stuff, and organized the different types of stuff into baggies inside the bins so it’ll be easy to find stuff when I need refills. 


I also decided to come up with a better system for packing toiletries more quickly, so I set up a big bag for long trips and a small one for overnights.  One less headache to deal with before traveling I figure Smile


Definitely feels nice to get the decluttering started in the closet – still have the shoes, bags and clothes to contend with though!


  1. I LOVE organizing!! Feels so good :)

    1. I have to be in the right mood but when I'm in the zone I love it :)


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