Sunday, August 19, 2012

Spoonful Sunday: Refocus my Snacks

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a spoonful – I’ve still been chipping away at the pantry, but it still looks really full!  I promise, I did use a lot of it…

081912 - 1081912 - 2

There are only 2 of us, and it’s a lot of food!  A lot of what we consumed is partial packages, so I made a bigger dent than the picture can actually show.  However, I have to admit I did make some additions that I will be blogging about this week – a small stock of summer produce preserves!  We had a lot of tomatoes coming in from the garden so I got busy learning with the Ball cookbook.

081912 - 3

I’ve been working our way through the freezer too to really clean house, and only buying fresh produce and dairy at the store, which makes for a much lower weekly grocery bill, not to mention shorter trips!

081912 - 3

So, this week I want to focus on my snacking habit again.  I’ve been challenging myself more with exercise, doing regular yoga and cardio at the gym plus twice-weekly BodyPump classes and once-weekly BodyCombat classes – I will blog about that experience soon, as they are amazing for cardio endurance and strength!  I also made my way over to the Cary location Friday and tried BodyStep and a yoga soothe class.  So I’ve definitely been able to get into a good workout habit, which feels great and has helped me really slim down.

Problem is, I’ve used all that activity as an excuse to indulge in a lot more treats, especially at night – I did this one a couple months ago, but unfortunately didn’t keep it up that well!  My main focus is going to be on healthy balance, and planning my snacks along with my meals to keep myself from grazing.  My regular meals are normally pretty healthy, and I work a lot of produce into my diet.  The snacks and desserts are definitely what get me Smile 

Also going to continue working through that pantry for meals – unfortunately there’s still a fair amount of treats in there, but I’m going to focus on rationing them instead of indulging in more than one, no matter how much I worked out that day and try to justify it.  Saw this saying on Pinterest recently and it struck a chord…


I’m hoping that by planning my snacks and making sure they’re balanced I should keep my body satisfied enough to keep cravings at bay.  I also plan to start planning a healthy snack before workouts so I don’t come home ravenous. 

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