Monday, August 13, 2012

Raleigh’s First Gluten-Free Expo Recap

081312 - 1

Raleigh’s first gluten-free expo was a success!  I was so amazed at how many people are involved in the local gluten-free community.  A lot of the time I feel pretty isolated among my friends and family, and I have sought out connections in the blogging world to feel less alone and interact with people who understand the challenges of being gluten free.  Yesterday I learned that I am most definitely NOT alone out there!  I have no idea what the total attendance was, but there were people lined up everywhere I looked after the doors opened and it stayed busy for hours. 

I snapped a few pictures at the very start of the event but they aren’t that great – not sure if it was the lighting in the hall, or the fact that I was so excited I had trouble keeping my camera still - probably more of the latter Smile

081312 - 2


081312 - 3

Already a line when the doors opened!

Carrie from Ginger Lemon Girl was right across from me, and we got to chat some before the event started and after it slowed down.

081312 - 4

I was more than a bit starstruck to be honest since she’s got a fantastic blog, an upcoming cookbook and literally thousands of followers, so I hope I didn’t make too much a fool of myself!  Carrie, thanks for being so friendly Smile

Photo from Carrie at Ginger Lemon Girl

I had a lot of fun talking to the wonderful people that stopped by the Triumph table, and even got to meet some people that that had actually seen my blog, which was a really cool experience!  Pam from I’m a Celiac came by so I finally got to meet her in person, and I also got to chat with a blogger who replied to one of my event tweets, Jeff from Gluten Free in NC.  I even got to meet one of my readers, who also became my very first customer of the day – thanks, Loribeth!  

I wish I’d gotten to make the rounds of the event, but I was on my own at the Triumph table and didn’t really get the opportunity. But I did get to chat with the tables around me, and at the end when everyone was packing up I was able to snag some new yummy gluten-free goodies (including beer!) that I plan to review this week on the blog.

Huge thank you to everyone who came out to support the gluten-free community yesterday - I hope you all had as good a time as I did!


  1. Enjoyed the event... The venue and event staff did a great job with helping setup in time for the mob. Very kind and helpful.

  2. So good to finally meet you in person! You looked very official at your table:)

    1. LOL thanks :) I enjoyed getting the opportunity to work for Triumph but I also wish I'd gotten to wander around with you and sample the goodies!

  3. You are so sweet! You did a fantastic job for Triumph! I can't believe you sold all those books!! :-) It was so good to finally meet you! I love your blog and your fun personality just completely shines through! :-) I hope we can create some fun local blogging events in Raleigh! We all need to hang out more often!

    1. Now you're making me blush :) We definitely need to organize something soon - let me know next time you're in town for the weekend!


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