Monday, August 20, 2012

New Snacking Habits

This week I decided to start focusing on my snacking habits again – I’ve done this spoonful before, but I let it slack as I challenged myself with my workouts and used that as an excuse when I wanted to graze. 

I know that what works well for me is planning.  It definitely helps my willpower because I know exactly what I’m going to eat and I feel like I’m in control.  I don’t do complex diet plans (gluten free is complex enough!) but I do have some basic guidelines that I need to focus on sticking to:

  • Eat every 4 hours
  • Plan balanced meals and snacks – good ratio of protein, carbs and fat
  • Drink lots of water
  • Don’t graze after dinner

I’m hoping that the balanced meals and snacks will help quell those after-dinner cravings!  Here’s the meal plan I came up with for today, using my Menu Planner app:

082012 - 1

It’s cut off in the screen shot, but I also planned an ice cream bar for dessert tonight.  I adore dessert but know it’s indulgent so I usually grab a bite-size treat, like a piece of chocolate.  But once that bite is gone all I can think about is getting another treat, and I justify it by telling myself that I just had something small.  Next thing I know, I’ve had four or five “little” treats and ended up eating more calories than I would have by just picking something normal-sized in the first place!    I’m hoping to eventually cut out desserts almost entirely, but that’s for another spoonful Smile

So far today has worked out well – I had my usual morning smoothie before BodyPump, and then ate my lunch at about 12:30.  I tried to boost the staying power of my salad with leftover steak and creamy ranch dressing, and added some crumbled up gluten-free bagel chips for crunch.

082012 - 2

I told myself I would wait the full 4 hours before having my afternoon snack, and I did, but my stomach was pretty grumbly by the time I sat down to eat!  I had a slice of deli turkey and a cheese stick for protein and a little fat, a small handful of gluten-free crackers, and a big handful of baby carrots with more of the creamy ranch as a dip.

082012 - 3

I’m really hoping that this big snack will help out with the after-dinner sugar cravings.  That’s going to be the real challenge…

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